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Recipe for Flor de mar salmon on coconut ajoblanco with toasted marcona almonds, fruits and radishes

Today we present an original recipe that’s easy to make so you can surprise your guests on the hottest days.

Ajoblanco is a chilled soup that’s very typical in Andalusian cuisine, especially in Málaga and Cádiz. This dish based on almonds and garlic is considered a variant of the Andalusian gazpacho, as it’s based on bread, oil and garlic. The soup usually includes almonds, salt and vinegar as well as other ingredients depending on the region.



  • 1

    Cut the salmon loin into approximately 1 cm slices.
  • 2

    Carefully arrange the slices of salmon on the ajoblanco soup.
  • 3

    Next, cut the radish into very thin slices and the grapes in half.
  • 4

    Decorate with radish slices, grapes, redcurrants and flaked toasted almonds.
  • 5

    Finish with a couple of fresh chive stems and this deliciously refreshing dish is ready to eat.

Enjoy your meal!

At the top of this post you’ll see the video of this recipe with step by step instructions on how to make our recipe with Flor de mar salmon.

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