If the fish in the sea is perfect, let's not waste time

At Gimar we have total control over the traceability of our products, with detailed information from the moment the fish is caught until the processed product leaves our facilities.

If the fish in the sea is perfect, let’s not waste time. This is the philosophy that prompts us to work with the aim of ensuring the best freshness that translates into exceptional texture and flavour.

At Gimar we don’t work with stock, we produce on order only those units that are going to be distributed immediately; this means our products are fresher and maintain their properties for longer, achieving a much higher organoleptic shelf life.

The salmon’s journey

We’re going to tell you the story of a salmon, the Gimar salmon, which travelled thousands of kilometres to satisfy the most demanding palates.

The hero of our tale was born on some cold islands in the North Atlantic, the world’s best waters. It grew up and was selected to carry out a hugely responsible task, representing the excellence of its kind, the best Salmo salar.

It began its journey to warmer lands, where expert, delicate hands were waiting to turn it into a jewel of gastronomy. Once in Petrel, the moment it had been waiting for arrived, the most careful processing it could ever have imagined. It encountered clouds of salt, smoke baths and the caresses of wise hands. Now it was ready to surprise and excite, it had become a Gimar product.