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Recipe for salmon poke bowl with avocado and toasted sesame seeds

Originally from Hawaii, poke bowl meals are very healthy and easy to prepare in their many varieties and can be eaten all year round .

A poke bowl can be described as a salad of raw fish cut into cubes and accompanied by vegetables and sauces, all served on a rice or quinoa base.

Here’s how to make a Poke bowl with Gimar Saku salmon:



Prepare the ingredients needed for this Saku salmon poke bowl: rice, avocado, salmon, edamame beans, etc .

  • 1

    Start by cooking the rice in a large saucepan with water and salt for about 13 minutes. When the rice is cooked, remove it from the heat and cover. Meanwhile, in another saucepan, steam the egg and edamame beans for about 3-4 min.
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    The next step is to prepare the ingredients that accompany our Saku salmon. To prepare the other poke bowl ingredients, cut the avocado and egg into slices and open the edamame bean pods. You can always make the most of the ingredients you already have at home or you can use your favourite vegetables and fruits, like mango or pineapple, which will add a lot of flavour and freshness to the recipe.
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    Now for the salmon. In this case, being a Gimar product, it doesn't need to be frozen beforehand, as all our products are ready to be enjoyed. All you do is open the packaging and cut the Saku salmon into small cubes.
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    Place the salmon on one side of the bowl and arrange the avocado, boiled egg, edamame beans and sesame seeds around the bowl so it looks attractive.
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    Lastly, pour the soy sauce that you set aside over the poke bowl and it's ready to eat!

Enjoy your meal!

Here’s the step-by-step video of our authentic Saku salmon poke bowl.

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